Past Events

We, at Pune West Study Circle had organized, various seminars and events in past months. If you would like to have a brief information about past events, please click on the required link:

Seminars held in the year 2015



November 2015 New World Order in tax - Base Erosion & Profit Shifting.
August 2015 A celebration of 10 years of PWSC!
July 2015 Investment Strategies & Market Outlook
June 2015 Analysing the newly notified ITR forms
May 2015 Accounting Standards Compliance & Depreciation under Schedule II of Companies Act
March 2015 Public Meeting on Analysis of Union Budget 2015
January 2015 Recent Developments in Companies Act, 2013 - Circulars/Notifications/Clarifications, Amendments

Seminars held in the year 2014



December 2014 2 Days workshop on IND-AS
August 2014 Tax Audit – Changes in Form 3 CD
July 2014 Overview and Accounting of Forex Instruments
July 2014 Analysis of Union Budget 2014
February 2014 February and March seminar details
January 2014 Code of Ethics – Basics, Do’s and Don’ts and Case Studies

Seminars held in the year 2013



November 2013 Full day Conference on FEMA
October 2013 Full day workshop on Domestic Transfer Pricing
September 2013 E-filing of IT returns & Tax Audit Report
July 2013 Monthly meeting on Valuation of Shares
May 2013 Monthly meeting on Introduction to and Basic of Information Systems Audit
April 2013 The most talked about LBT along with recent amendments in MVAT.
March 2013 Full Day Workshop on New Companies Bill
March 2013 Public Meeting on "Analysis of Union Budget 2013"
February 2013 Monthly meeting on “Overview and Practical issues in Tax Accounting Standards"
January 2013 Analysing various laws relating to Property Acquisition

Seminars held in the year 2012



December 2012 Stock Market at 18k - Outlook towards Investing
November 2012 2 days workshop on Service Tax VAT
October 2012 Two Day Workshop on Transfer Pricing
September 2012 Income Tax Audit u/s 44AB of Income Tax Act, 1961
July 2012 Monthly meeting on LLP - A Next Gen Entity and Tax Structuring Tool
June 2012 Two day RRC Fortune Select Dasve, Lavasa.
May 2012 Social Media Revolution
April 2012 Role of Professionals in Law making" AND "Crony Capitalism"
April 2012 Revised Schedule VI of the Companies Act
March 2012 Analysis of Union Budget 2012
March 2012 Full day seminar on "Bank Branch Statutory Audit"
February 2012 ICAI's Latest Guidance Note on Accounting for Real Estate Transactions (Revised 2012)-Overview & Practical Issues
January 2012 Analysis of Supreme Court ruling in the Vodafone Case

Seminars held in the year 2011

Month Seminar
December 2011 Full Day Seminar on MVAT
December 2011 Full Day Seminar on Service Tax
November 2011 Full Day Seminar on Procedural and Taxation Aspects of Trusts
November 2011 Full Day Seminar on Project Financing
September 2011 New Companies Bill as fountainhead of Compliances
August 2011 Discussion on Lokpal Bill
August 2011 Mega Conference 2011
July 2011 Capacity Building for CA Firms
June 2011 Understanding Revised Schedule VI
May 2011 Accounting Standards for SMEs - Key Issues
April 2011 Practical Aspects of Search & Seizure
March 2011 Workshop on Private Equity
March 2011 Union Budget-2011 Analysis
February 2011 Internal Audit Approach
January 2011 Management Techniques & Managerial Skills

Seminars held in the year 2010

Month Seminar
December 2010 Critical Analysis of Stock Market Functioning
November 2010 Valuation of Shares/Business
October 2010 Deciphering the Recent Bombay Highcourt ruling in the case of Vodafone
October 2010 Two Days Workshop on Foreign Exchange Management Act
September 2010 Full Day Workshop on Transfer Pricing
August 2010 Mega Conference 2010 - Innovation for Professional Success
July 2010 Practice Management and Capacity Building for CA Firms
June 2010 Direct Tax Code - Revised Discussion Paper Analysis
May 2010 Practical Aspects on Code of Conduct
April 2010 IFRS Roadmap, First time adoption and sector specific issues
March 2010 Union Budget 2010 - Analysis

Seminars held in the year 2009

Month Seminar
October 2009 4 Days Workshop on IFRS
September 2009 Triple Bottom Line - Profit, People and Planet
August 2009 Derivatives- An intensive 4 day workshop
July 2009 Budget 2009 Analysis
June 2009 AS 11 and Recent Controversies
May 2009 Mega Conference - Corporate Governance and Growth Role of CAs
April 2009 GST Roadmap in India
March 2009 Learn to Enhance your Performance Scientifically - using Mind Maps
February 2009 Limited Liability Partnership Act & Benefit for CAs
January 2009 Uses and Abuses of Structured Products in Corporate Finance

Seminars held in the year 2008

Month Seminar
December 2008 Mega Conference 2008
October 2008 Demystifying AS-30 : Financial Instruments
August 2008 Creating Brands
July 2008 Seminar on Expectations of the Board of Directors from CFO
June 2008 Mergers, Demergers & Networking among CAs
May 2008 Value Creation through Internal Audit
April 2008 FEMA Regulatory Updates
March 2008 Union Budget 2008 - A Detailed Perspective
February 2008 AS-7 and AS-9 - Accounting and Tax implications
January 2008 Key Concepts in International Tax
January 2008 Importance of Soft Skills for CAs

Seminars held in the year 2007

Month Seminar
December 2007 IFRS Workshop - IFRS Concepts
December 2007 Accounting and Tax Convention 2007
October 2007 Intellectual Property Rights - Concept, IP Protection & Role of Chartered Accountants
September 2007 A Mega Seminar on Capital Markets "Is the Bull Run over?"
August 2007 Industry Perspective on Accounting Standards and Expectations from Auditors
July 2007 Global Warming - India's Response
June 2007 Emerging Issues in International Tax and Art of Representation Before ITAT
May 2007 Opportunities in Legal Process Outsourcing (LPOs) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPOs)
April 2007 Corporate Law - Overview of FEMA
March 2007 Seminar on Bank Audit
March 2007 Union Budget 2007- A Detailed Perspective
February 2007 Issues in taxation of shares and securities
January 2007 Overview of Double Tax Avoidance Agreement and key international tax principles

Seminars held in the year 2006